5 Tips To Organise Your Way To A Job Promotion

Which person are you at work?

Ms. Perfect Example:

  • Punctual - on time every day and for every single meeting, visit, call. Always.

  • Prepared - has everything ready to carry out her role efficiently. Always.

  • Trusted - there is no doubt from her manager that stuff will get done. Always.

  • Reliable - is a good communicator and can be depended upon. Always.

  • Accurate - is precise and never makes a mistake. Ever.


Ms. Bad Example:

  • Late - always running behind and feeling flustered or overwhelmed.

  • Unprepared - is never ready for the task at hand and takes longer to complete it.

  • Untrusted - manager avoids giving her extra responsibility as it won't get done.

  • Unreliable - communicates poorly and has irregularities in performance.

  • Inaccurate - is rushing to get things done last minute and always makes mistakes.

Okay, so no-one is 100% either of these ladies (sorry to burst your bubble if you thought Ms Perfect was modelled directly on you! 😄), we all sit somewhere in the middle-ground; absolutely none of us are perfect after all.

But my question to you is - being honest, which set of traits are you displaying more of at this point in time?

If you find yourself being closer to Ms Perfect, then you probably implement various elements of organisation into your day already, both professionally and personally. This is great and you already have a good foundation to build on.

If you find yourself being closer to Ms Bad example, then you could hugely benefit from reviewing your routine and the level of organisation you currently have built-in to your day. If you struggle to find the time to get organised, you might benefit from reading my recent post "Need More Hours In The Day? Let's Get Organised".

Don't worry if it's the latter, it certainly doesn't mean you aren't trying, or that you don't care about doing a good job. In fact, the likelihood is it's the total opposite. You want to do the best you can but for one reason or another time runs away with you, you feel like you're constantly chasing your tail and you just can't get back on top of things, leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

This overwhelm can then lead to anxiety that you aren't performing as you should, and the whole vicious cycle starts again. As a result, you may become stuck and unable to progress, as you don't have the confidence in yourself to even try.

If you want to feel happier and more productive in your current role, or if your focus is on career progression then the more traits you can model on Ms P, the better your chances of impressing and climbing the career ladder. Or if you want to start out on your own, then it's even more important to have these traits to help you become a success.

5 Tips To Get Yourself Organised:

  1. PRIORITISE. Look at your diary for the week ahead, make a list of all you need to get done and put the tasks into priority order - Must Do. Need to Do (But Not Time Sensitive) and Nice to Do.

  2. PLAN. Now you know what you want to achieve, estimate how much time you will need to complete each task and plan it into your schedule. This should include prep time - so if you have a meeting Wednesday, do you need to plan some time Monday to get yourself up to speed and ready for it?

  3. COMMIT. Now you have a plan of attack, commit to seeing it through. Stick to your schedule, don't procrastinate and remember why you wanted to put a plan together in the first place. What's your end goal? Stick it out and you will get there.

  4. STAY CALM. If something comes up throughout the week that you hadn't bargained on, don't panic. Add it to your overall list and then if you need to, reprioritise moving items up or down your list as appropriate.

  5. RECOGNISE and REPEAT. This new way of working will take some getting used to and so give yourself some time to settle into it. Recognise wins, even the small ones and repeat them so they turn into habits.

You can apply these tips in different ways, depending on how you work best. If you're a pen and paper kind of gal, then write your plan out. If you work best on a digital format, try using google calendars, or even using the notepad on your smartphone could help.

There are lots of benefits to using these 5 tips, these are a few you might find:

  • Being fully prepared gives others a better impression and you look professional in front of colleagues and customers.

  • Improvement in your time management skills, meaning you will become more efficient and consistently be able to meet deadlines.

  • A noticeable reduction in your stress levels due to being able to anticipate problems and find solutions, rather than always being reactive.

  • Being less flustered will improve your concentration levels, which is likely to have a positive impact on your attention to detail.

  • You can show off your communication skills by being clear and concise with your plans

  • Feel confident in completing your objectives and have a more positive outlook for the future

Overall, from a work perspective, you are likely to be viewed as a much bigger asset to the business, as you will be consistent, reliable and trusted to get things done. This means you are more likely to be given extra responsibilities and considered for development and progression opportunities.

A personal benefit to you, regardless of if you're looking for a promotion or not, is the impact on your mindset. You will feel more confident, you will be able to cope with pressure more easily and you will get a regular buzz from feeling like you are doing a great job. These new traits will definitely start to get you noticed regardless!

Give your routine a little shakeup and be sure to let me know how you get on, I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time lovelies.

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