5 Unexpected Benefits To Being Organised

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

The advantages of being organised are widely publicised, now more so than ever, with 3 of the most powerful ones being:

  • Increased productivity, resulting in having more free time available

  • Reduced feelings of stress and overwhelm

  • Money savings

Those 3 points alone are pretty amazing, and might already have you rushing to make lists and get a plan of action together. If so, rock on!

If however, you’re still sat on the "get organised" fence, let me fill you in on some other possible benefits that might just convince you to come and join me down on my side.

The following 5 points are other lesser-known rewards, you could reap from introducing more order and structure into your life and home… excited? You should be!


When we are surrounded by an abundance of things that 1) don’t bring us joy or 2) are no longer of any use to us, it can affect how much we appreciate what we actually have.

This could be a build-up of material items around our homes that cause us to feel anxious, but it could also apply to other areas of our lives such as relationships or friendships that bring with them negativity and unhappiness.

We absorb energy from or surroundings and as such, they can have a big impact on our state of mind; both for better and for worse.

By getting organised and taking stock of what and who we have in our lives, we can start to clearly see those people and things that make our hearts happy, leaving us space to appreciate and treasure them.

Anything and anyone on our list that doesn’t contribute positively to us - we have the power to decide if they continue to be part of our life, or if we are better off parting ways.


When we do something to begin with, it is because we have some level of motivation to do it. Usually, because we know what the outcome will be and we are driven to achieve it. Like I'm motivated to exercise, as I know I can have that extra biscuit if I do!

It is only when something becomes a habit that it becomes part of our routines without a second thought - even when that initial level of motivation reduces.

Take my biscuit loving self as an example. If I don’t feel like having that extra biscuit one day (I can hear people who know me laughing at that statement!), then I may lose my motivation to exercise.

If however, by getting myself organised and planning time into my day to exercise, then the more likely it is to become a habit and become second nature. This new habit then becomes a replacement for relying on motivation to achieve our goals.

As we all know, there are days when not even a whole packet of biscuits could motivate us so habit building is a brilliant alternative to relying on motivation alone.


Turning up late to meetings, being unprepared in front of clients/customers, or just something as simple as not having a chance to swat up on relevant subject matter, can lead to us looking unprofessional and hamper our chances of succeeding.

Being punctual, being prepared, and having the time to gain knowledge and understanding are all plus points of becoming more organised. We might even find we have an extra 10 minutes in the day to nip out for a coffee!

Planning our time so that we tackle tasks efficiently and don’t waste time on zero impact tasks may see us gain better results and maximise our chances when those progression opportunities arise.

If you want to keep climbing that ladder or even start out on your own - organise your time to give you the best possible chance. You'll still need to work hard, but if you are able to work smarter, then you will have an advantage over your competitors from the very beginning.


Cluttered and unorganised surroundings can lead to us having cluttered and unorganised minds. This resulting ‘brain fog’ can make prioritising and decision-making more difficult, which in turn may lead to a further build-up in tasks and us wasting time unnecessarily. It’s such a vicious cycle that I have been victim to on many occasions.

Being organised can give us a sense of control in regards to our lives and homes which can really help us to gain clarity and allow us to understand what our priorities are and what we want to achieve.

Once we understand our priorities and are clear on the direction we want to go in, then we can make quick and informed decisions to enable us to get to where we want to be.


The lives we lead and the responsibilities we have can weigh heavily on us, both mentally and physically, and sometimes we just need that confidence to be a badass.

The overall combined benefits that organising brings, mean that we will be more centered, grounded, and pro-active in tackling everything we have on.

Overcoming obstacles with more ease will help us to navigate our way through life, in a more confident and self-assured way.

When the tough times come a-knockin', we then know we have it in us to Power-Through!

There are so many benefits to becoming more organised that the list could go on indefinitely, and that's why I'm such a big fan. If you want to kick life’s butt and achieve your goals - it will definitely help. You will still be faced with tough situations and have to make difficult decisions but your new-found mindset will be a huge asset to you when this does happen.

What's the biggest benefit you have found from being organised? I'd love to know if there are more advantages that I haven't seen yet - let me know via my facebook page (details below).

Please like and share this post and spread the joy of being organised.

Until next time lovelies. xoxo

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