Need More Hours In The Day? Let's Get Organised!

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Throughout our lives we become lots of things to lots of people - we may become parents, partners, friends, colleagues and neighbours, just to name a few, and inevitably with each of these roles, we gain more responsibilities.

We try to spin each and every one of these plates as best we can (metaphorically of course, please don’t try and spin your best china!), however sometimes this can lead to us forgetting about our own plate and that we need to look after that one too.

There are lots of different reasons as to why taking time for ourselves isn’t easy, but the most common one by far has got to be that there already isn’t enough hours in the day. I totally hear you, and it is something I have personally struggled with for a long time too.

I’ve heard myself come up with countless reasons as to why I haven’t prioritised myself in the past. Maybe some of these sound familiar to you?

“I’d love to curl up with a book for an hour, but I really need to get on top of the housework first”

“I’d really love to start a further education course at open college, but I just won’t have time to do it. Maybe next year.”

“I really want to exercise more for both my physical and mental health, but I just don’t have time, I’m too busy.”

If you sit and think about it honestly, where do you think you come on your own list of priorities?

If you're already towards the top, then you're winning and I applaud you. Keep it up!

If you are struggling to even add yourself to your priority list however, then let's do something about it.

Unfortunately we can’t extend our days beyond 24 hours, no matter how much we might wish we could - and believe me I’ve tried!

The solution in the end for me was much more straightforward.... my circumstance didn’t change, I didn’t quit working and my cleaning didn’t start doing itself (if only eh?!), the answer was...

I got organised and learnt how to make better use of the time I have available.

Hang on though, don't panic. If you don’t feel organised at the minute please don’t worry. Being organised doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time writing lists and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to be inflexible with your plans. It just means you will be able to gain more structure to your days and gain a sense of control and calm to your life. Rumour has it that when we are happy and feel in control, we can be more productive and efficient and from personal expereince I can 100% testify to that.

Depending on how organised you are currently, you may be able to save 10-15 minutes each day or you may be able to save yourself hours. Either way, it will result in you having some spare time each and every day to put yourself first. Sounds cracking doesn’t it!

So with that in mind let's talk about some small ways in which we can get more organised.

I suggest only making small changes to start with because that way, it feels more achievable and it helps us to combat any feelings over overwhelm we may have in the beginning.

You will no doubt develop your own time-saving tactics once you’re up and running, but here are 5 small changes to help you get started.

# 1 - Utilise Your Alarm

# 2 - Start With Small And Regular Tasks

# 3 - Meal Planning

# 4 - Multi-Tasking

# 5 - Don't Procrastinate

Give these ideas a go over the next week and see if they reward you with some extra free time. I’d love to hear how you get on!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if a friend invites you for a last minute coffee, not to spend the whole time worrying about all those things on your to do list and actually be able to sit and enjoy yourself completely. There’s the dream!

This new way of thinking may be strange but it’s all about trying to change our mindsets and habits. The more we do something, the more chance we have of replacing our old habits with new ones.

Until next time lovelies. xoxo

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